Public Relations- Mandrake Mydia’s association with

The journey of association between and Mandrake Mydia is one with numerous milestones achieved through effective PR planning. We all understand that Public Relation is the art of efficient communication and strategy development that helps in the creation of a positive brand image.

When we talk about PR, it empowers an organization to gain visibility through its carefully planned PR campaigns, all the way developing a strong relationship of trust between the organization and its public. And doing the same, Mandrake Mydia played an integral role in creating and executing strategic communication and public relations plan for that helped the brand increase its media visibility.

On taking up the role of being the official PR partner for, Mandrake Mydia’s primary focus was to change the perceptions around poker and relieving the media fears towards the capability of the poker industry and building an environment of positive acceptance of the game, in the Indian market. Through adequate media coverage and PR campaigns was successful in developing poker as an online sport in the country.

Recently, the renowned cricket player and Jamaican Cricket Hero, Chris Gayle collaborated with as their brand ambassador. Gayle is a renowned sportsman with a zeal for enjoying and developing a sport in its true spirit, making him the right choice to feature Adda52’s vision. These characteristics have tremendous synergy with Poker playing audience which proves that he has been the perfect PR choice and has so far remarkably gained popularity as a poker star and the brand ambassador for

Chris was extremely eager and excited to be associated with the brand and stated, “There are not many organizations that work beyond the lines of making a benefit. is one such poker giant that is helping build awareness around the game and featuring its actual advantages. It is great to be a part of this intriguing adventure brought about by the Adda52 group.” Such is the image of the company!

Mandrake Mydia formulated various historic and strategic campaigns that made a solid acknowledgement for as the biggest online poker website in the country. The brand always exhibited its remarkable campaigns through industry stories in the gaming club leading to a huge increase in the number of users on the website.

Weaving the story of the growth of, the statistics prove that over the years the numbers of online poker players on the website have increased remarkably and today people from every walk of life play the game from the ease of their home.

Developing this bridge of trust, brand loyalty and mutual growth between the and its target audience is the perfect example of a well executed PR plan. Public relations is not just a tool but an entire area of exploration and only with a complete understanding of every aspect of PR can one build a strong foundation for any organization as done by Mandrake Mydia.

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